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Send Care Packs!


With over 300,000 US troops still deployed around the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, South Korea, and now other unknown locations around the globe, these “THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY” CARE PACKS” serve as a powerful reminder to all our troops serving to protect us all that they are not forgotten, and so very appreciated. Many of these Military come home and continue serving our local communities as First Responders, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, etc.

Each care package contains the top items the troops request. Gourmet coffee, Premium beef jerky and of course Oreo Cookies!! The best way to support our troops and reach the front lines of Afghanistan, Iraq, West Africa, etc., is to make your tax-deductible gift today and help send these much needed Care Packs to our Troops around the world.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, Move America Forward wants to show our American service members serving all over the globe how much we appreciate them - but they need our help.

AM870 The Answer listeners have been loyal to our troops from the start, many of you have served and understand first-hand how if feels to be away from your loved ones and country for extended periods - missing holidays, special occasions and everyday activities.  It just wouldn’t be right to forget this new generation of brave troops actually following in your footsteps. The troops serving today are so critically important and their sacrifice must be honored.

We know that our brave men and women are tired—many have been deployed more than 4 or 5 times. It’s the toughest work - very dangerous work. They carry 60 pounds of gear— we all know the risks. Each soldier’s step has its dangers. Sadly, many of our men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.

While we get ready to enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday with friends and loved ones, we need to make a tangible act to remember our sons and daughters and brothers and sisters serving right now all over the globe.

We are asking AM870 The Answer listeners to join with Move America Forward and STAND UP AND SUPPORT OUR MILITARY this Thanksgiving  by sending care packs to Afghanistan, Iraq, West Africa, etc.. Our brave men and women are away from their loved ones. For many, the only July 4th dinner they see will be MRA’s. This Thanksgiving it’s so important to really say thank you to our brave men and women and send them Thanksgiving Holiday Care Packs.

Each MAF Care Pack includes items such as:  Hot Apple Cider, Shampoo & Conditioner, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Foot Cream or Powder, SPF Lip Balm, SPF Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, Military Issue Boot Socks, Magazines and Books, Casino Style Playing Cards, Phone Cards, Instant Lunches, Batteries, Laundry Detergent, Military Crisis Line/Military OneSource Resource Information, Care Packages Request Form, Handwritten Thank You Messages from School Children and other Supporters, Seasonal Items for Current Holiday, K-9 Care Packages also include eye-protecting “Doggles” & extra strong Kong Brand dog toys.

Each Care Package contains a personal note from you, one that our troops will carry around until they return home, we often hear how it was your words that gave them the strength to get through each day.  It means everything to our troops to know their hard work and sacrifice is not forgotten. Long after all the items are used and treats eaten, your message will be what they read over and over again. Each box is individually addressed to a Marine, Airmen, Sailor or Soldier.

We always hear how our troops are returning home but we never hear about those still serving right now. Often many of our troops receive no mail, no support, and no communication of any kind from back home. Our mission is to make sure that no one is left behind, send your support to one of our nation’s heroes with a care package.

Please STAND UP FOR OUR MILITARY this Thanksgiving Holiday - by sending Care Packs.  Please select from one of the Care Pack options listed below and help honor and remember our Service Members.

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