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My Investment Answers

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When it comes to investing for retirement --

“It’s not what you think you know…or what you’ve been told…it’s what you need to know.”

Hi, I’m Greg Fox and I pride myself on giving my clients, and my listeners, a behind-the-scenes look at what many so-called financial experts are telling you and selling you.

Find out the Good, Bad & Ugly about investment choices by listening to my show “My Investment Answers” every Saturday at 3:00pm on AM870 or call me at 800-303-3690 and I’ll return your call personally.

Some people say… ‘It’s only money.’

But it’s your money!

Get the answers you need. 

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About Greg Fox

Greg Fox’s successful career in radio started after he retired from being a leading financial wealth advisor for nearly 50 years. “After I retired, I’d work around the house doing ‘honey do’s’ and I started listening to radio investing programs,” said Greg. “I couldn’t stand the nonsense and confusing information broadcast on many of the radio shows I listened to.”

Greg came out of retirement to create a radio show that gives insightful answers and clear direction on how to avoid investment mistakes and to ask the right questions.  Now, his popular show “My Investment Answers” shows the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of financial choices that many investors make.

Busier than before he ‘retired,’ Greg is helping numerous people save and build their wealth and reach their retirement goals. He now services over 10,000 existing clients.

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