America, Where Did It Go Wrong?

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Well stress no more America, this is where we get real … bring your concerns, your chaos, and let’s see if we can’t breathe some life and hope back into you and resurrect The American Spirit!

Let me begin by saying I’m no expert however, whether we’re talking about Life, Politics or Religion, all I can share with you is my hope and life experiences I’ve lived an ordinary life with Extraordinary Hope … and it’s lead me here, talking with you about: Our everyday lives, the future of our country and how WE take action to get us off this merry-go-round and get back on track and step back into The Victory and Igniting the American Spirit? I’ve promised you answers, so Every week I’m bringing in a guest to share their expertise with us and to help you reach your American Dream, because You Come First!

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About Michelle D Martinez

Michelle D Martinez is a first generation American, and proud child of hardworking Peruvian parents. The benefits of being born an American greatly influence Michelle's principles, inspiring her to be instrumental in presenting candidates to local communities by holding Candidate Forums and inviting dignitaries to organizational meetings.

Michelle has worked on both state and federal campaigns. For Congressional, Gubernatorial and Mayoral elections as well as successfully running her own campaign for Altadena Town Council. In 2014 Michelle was elected to serve as Councilwoman for the city of Altadena. While councilmember, she was central to the launching of new businesses in her district as she presided on the Land Use Committee for both residents and businesses in the Altadena community.

Michelle has an extensive career in business and consulting, and is the founder and CEO of M3 Solutions. She has built, restructured and directed billion-dollar operations with practices across the globe. Whether working one on one or with a large group, Michelle enjoys the prospect of building up people as much as businesses.

Michelle currently sits on several boards for Volunteer Organizations, and she appears as a guest commentator on various Latino news outlets such a CNN en espanol and Al Punto with Univision, both internationally acclaimed news organizations.

Michelle is steadfast to God, family, and country and to the commitment to leave a legacy that is sustained in faith! For those reasons, Michelle dedicates her time to growing the circle of influence Hispanics have both with local communities as well as the national level, ensuring Hispanic Americans have a presence in policy and leadership. “We, Hispanics, are visionaries and builders. Our faith, imagination and work ethic is all we need to shape our futures. Because, when we Latinos imagine it, we don’t stop until we get it!”

There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder. - Ronald Reagan

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